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RF/Microwave, Optical and BER Instruments : (DC-110GHz) Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Synthesizers, Signal Generators, Optical Instrumentation, Power Meters, and Radio Communications Test Instrument.


Spectrum Microwave - A Division of API Technologies Corp.



API Technologies formerly Spectrum Microwave
From Space qual to Mil/Aero and commercial, API has your solution for RF/ Microwave components including but not limited to: filters, amplifiers, frequency sources, PLOs, DROs, mixers, detectors, delay lines, integrated microwave assemblies, antennas, AESA subsystems, filtered GPS LNA, switched filter bank, delay lines, rotary joints, power amps, saw oscillators and filters, microelectronic solutions, etc...

Precision Freq Control Products: Commercial offering includes power efficient surface mount and through hole OCXO, TCXO, VCXO. High Reliability and Space level oscillators offer ultra low G, radiation hardened and low phase noise. GPS oscillators and custom fixed freq synthesizers.


  HV Technologies, Inc.
The staff of HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (HVT), in partnership with EMC Partner AG, Prana, Montena Technology, and TESEO, is focused on providing our clients with top quality, full compliance EMC test instruments.  Our staff and partners have been supporting the EMC testing community by designing, producing, and distributing the best in high voltage transient test instruments for over two decades.


Home of General Photonics Website   General Photonics
The world leader in Polarization and Timing Solutions.  Components, Modules and Instrumentation for the Optics/Photonics industry.  Products include Polarization Control, Scrambling and Analysis; PMD generation and analysis; Optical delay lines, ER Meters, DOP Meters, In-line Polarimeters and a ground-breaking Distributed Crosstalk Analyzer.




  Rigol                                                                                            Digital Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generators, Digital Multimeters, DC Power Supplies, Spectrum Analyzers, Accessories.



  JFW Industries                                                                     Passive Components: Programmable, Manual and Fixed Attenuators, Terminations and Mismatches, Power Dividers, Couplers, DC Blocks, RF Switches, RF Detectors, Adapters, Test Systems etc...
Ciao Wireless Inc.
RF and Microwave Amplifiers 30 kHz to 30 GHz, Space Qualified and Hi-Rel Passive Components: Filters, Radial Power Combiners/Dividers, Multiplexers, Hybrids, Couplers, High Power Loads/Circulators, Iso-Filters and OMT/Polarizers.

CPI (formerly Varian)
Instrumentation Amplifiers: (1GHz to 40GHz) : TWTA's available in octave and multi-octave bandwidths, in power levels from 20 to 250 Watts.

Microwave Components and Integrated Microwave Assemblies and Subsytems: Power Dividers/Combiners, Equalizers, Switches,  Phase Shifters, Detectors, Digitally Controlled Attenuators, DLVAs, SDLVAs,
Fast Stepping LOs, Digital Frequency Discriminators, Threat Simulator RF Sources, ESM/ECM Tranceivers, Tuners etc....


  ElcomTechnologies,Inc.                                          Frequency Sources: Including Broadband Direct Analog, Indirect PLL, Narrow Band, Fast Switching, Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers, VME Based Tuners and Phase Locked DRO's.

In-Phase Technologies

Comprehensive Test Solutions:  Creative Test Solutions for Products Operating in Analog, Digital, RF, Microwave and Lightwave Domains.

    GT Microwave                                                                            Connectorized PIN Diode Phase Shifters, Switches, Vector/Pulse Modulators, Attenuators and other PIN Diode based components.


Johnstech International
Test Sockets: Design, manufacture and distribute high-density, high performance Test Sockets and other interconnect products for the electronic industry.


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